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By diversifying and growing in a responsible, sustainable way Phaghati Projects aims to become a leading player in the construction industry. Our mission is also to become a benchmark company in our industry by adhering to strict quality control measures and to always exceed industry standard acceptable building practices.


Our vision is to become a leading construction company that fulfills both customers’ needs and wants by supplying high-caliber workmanship and building methods, thus enabling job creation and empowerment of unskilled, skilled and highly skilled workers. Our vision is also to create a company that is highly focused on customer needs and wants, as well as the empowerment of our staff, and the communities that we operate in.


We care about our customers, our staff, the environment and the broader community that we operate in.

We will at all times foster a trusting relationship with our customers, our staff, our partners and the community that we operate in.

All our endeavours will be governed by best practices for the environment to ensure long term sustainability.

We will at all times ensure that wherever possible we use the latest in modern sustainable materials to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Our delivery will at all times be punctual and on budget.

We will at all times be innovative, adaptable and responsible.